• Tim Whittle

Feeling sad, but hoping for Change.

Hey, you know I had a thought...

Just imagine if we had, say, a $Trillion to throw at COVID 19? A $Trillion at our fingertips, ready to fight against a known, current, deadly enemy?

Just imagine if we'd spent some of that money ensuring steady power supplies to the Third World, so that they could focus on Health and Education, quickly lifting themselves from poverty?

Just imagine we'd spent some of it developing excess capacity in our Health Systems? After all, Spanish Flu happened, and it's not as if we haven't had a few real, and now very stark warnings that a Global Pandemic was on the cards, not if but when?

Just imagine if we had been less focused on getting cheap Everything, and more focused on retaining manufacturing and resource production in our own Countries, more focused on being Flexible and Resilient?

Imagine a World where we decided not to deal with Countries who behaved badly toward their own. Where we valued our Culture, our Borders, and our Family and Friends, instead of where we can buy it cheap?

Maybe I think too much.

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