• Tim Whittle

New Business Blog

What the bloody hell?

A new Business Blog. Is this another opportunity for some self absorbed Management wannabe to indulge in an extended bout of navel gazing? It's possible.

Do I want to be a Guru? Definitely not. But anyway, I hope that once the lint is removed I can help shed light on some interesting situations, discuss questions, and maybe shed some new insight on some old problems. I'm not without experience in that realm - Life and Business have thrown me some unusual and in some cases brutal challenges, but I've always met them head on. Usually with success, and always with a smile.

This isn't a Science blog, though sometimes there could be some Science.

Not a Political blog either, though occasionally there may be some Politics.

There may be call outs to obscure sources to things I find funny. If you don't, remember I'm looking at my substantial tummy.

But most of all, I'd like to help shed light on Life, the Universe, Everything, and how they are intertwined with what you do every day (and most of the night, if you're like me). Business.

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